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In the heart of Rome.

Rome, the Eternal City, the biggest monumental town in the world.

There are several ways to visit Rome, each is unique and full of surprises…

What we really care about is to give our Guests an ideal starting point to arrange the best visit and to feel part of the essence of Rome.

Try to ideally draw a diamond from Piazza di Spagna (North) to the Termini station (East), then to the Colosseum (South) and lastly to Trastevere (West). You would easily realize that most of the best attractions of the Eternal City are located within the diamond shape: Pantheon, Trevi Fountain, Colosseum and Roman Forums, Vittoriano Monument at Piazza Venezia, Ara Pacis, the Ghetto, etc.

All NOSTROMONDO® Accommodations are located within the diamond shaped area, just few minutes walking to the most fascinating monuments, the main interesting Museums and the central Metro stations of Rome.


Stay in the heart of Rome.

Unusual art and shopping.

Arte insolita e shopping speciale

While you focus to the list of the main attractions to visit in the Eternal City, you could not be able to find the very authentic places to shop in Rome without some tips from NOSTROMONDO® staff.

Our accommodations are located in the main characteristic areas of Rome, where most of the local handicraft shops still survive and where you will find the best alternative vintage shopscurious bookshops opened till 2am, little boutiques selling carefully selected fashion and design items.

You could just stroll in Rione Monti, the most ancient district in Rome that regained its youth or have a look to Via dei Coronari, a peaceful street brimming with antique stores or to take a walk through Via del Governo Vecchio, an ancient street for either second-hand shops or trendy boutiques.

It’s always exciting when you’re looking for some creative inspiration and by following our tips and recommendations you will easily find what you’re looking for: unique art, design and fashion.


Enjoy the unexpected Rome.

Every day roman life.

While staying in Rome, you can usually count on good weather: for this reason, you’re best off doing as much as possible on foot.

While walking through the characteristic cobblestone streets, you can easily run into incredible experiences. Enjoy the colours of local markets, where you can enjoy the authenticity of people and the genuineness of foodstuffs; smell the warm aroma of a bakery that makes various types of bread and rolls; taste an espresso coffee in one of the hundreds bars spread all over in town; eat the best stand-up pizza in the world.

Lunch and dinner “all’aperto” is possible up to eight months out of the year: many restaurants have lovely indoor and outdoor rooms and provide the typical courses from Italian and Roman Cuisine, such as Carbonara, Amatriciana, Lasagna or Cannelloni, Cacio and Pepe Spaghetti , Ravioli and Sliced beef or filet.

By staying at NOSTROMONDO®, all of this is ready to hand.

Ogni giorno un'esperienza romana


Live Rome like a Local.

Entertainment and outdoor.

Divertimento dentro e fuori

Rome is unique, you know, even when you think of nightlife and entertainment.

If you want to live and enjoy the nightlife like a local, you should know that Romans love their evening “passeggiata” (slow walk through the old town), or sipping a beer while chatting with friends, but the best way to enjoy the culture and spirit of the City is outdoor.

As the weather is mild here for most part of the year, every square turns often into a big outdoor barRione Monti, where most of NOSTROMONDO® Accommodations are located, is a trendy neighbourhood that attracts a young crowd: the square transforms into a vibrant meeting place with lively atmosphere.

The area around Piazza Navona is fairly chic, filled with wine bars and cafes. Campo de’ Fiori is where teens as well as older people or groups often meet, just for a chat or to start the night with an “aperitivo”.

Just crossing the Tiber River you arrive in Trastevere, with its labyrinthic alleys,  is one of the most characteristic area for pizzerie, trattorie, pubs and clubs.

When the night is almost over, Romans usually like to say goodbye to the night, grabbing a “cornetto” (plain, filled with jam, with custard cream, with nutella or honey croissant) and drink a hot cappuccino on the way back home.


Only the best of Rome.

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